Teleprompter Service and Rentals
  "Camera Speed, Roll Prompter!"

Watch any skilled speaker on TV - a celebrity, news commentator, or political leader - and chances are much of their seemingly "effortless" delivery is due to the practiced use of a teleprompter.


It's also likely that, at some point in your career in the film, video, or entertainment industry, as a producer, coordinator, or even as a speaker, you'll be called on to use a teleprompter, or provide one for your client, if you haven't already done so.


Teleprompters are valuable tools, there's no doubt. You can find them on almost any well organized, efficient production that involves someone speaking to an audience, or camera. On film and video shoots, Teleprompters save time and money. For public speaking events, a Teleprompter and a skilled technician can make anyone sound professional. Our job is to help you deliver your speech so smoothly they will never know we were there.



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